Business conditions disclaimer

You are ordering one of the training plans of your choice and accept the following business conditions. All offers, products and services of Tiathlontrainer Ltd. are within the aspects of these conditions. Any changes are binding only when in writing from our staff.

You will receive your ordered Triathlontrainer Ltd. training plan via e-mail free of charge to try for the first four (4) weeks.

You can cancel your order in writing (e-mail, fax, or postal mail) at any time during these first 28 days, of which your four (4) week trial consists. The trial starts on the date your plan is sent to you until we receive your cancellation.

If your training plan cancelation is received within the aforementioned 28 day trial, you incur no costs.

If we receive no cancelation, you will automatically receive your next four (4) week training plan as an internet download. Triathlontrainer Ltd. will notify you per e-mail when your plan is ready for download.

According to your order, the following contract periods are follow:

Seasonal plan (1 year): the Seasonal plan has a contract period of 1 year. The contract is extended by a further year, if they do not cancel at the latest three months before the end of the year.

Competition plan (12 weeks): the competition plan has a contract period of 12 weeks up to your selected competition date. It does not extend.

Plan on demand: The "plan on demand" has no fixed contract period. You register once with your data for the planning and can pay via Paypal and download a 4-week plan if you need a plan.

Your subscription lasts for one year. The costs for a seasonal plan are 270 € for 13 training plans. Thus each four (4) week plan costs 20,77 €. To cancel the following year’s subscription, you must cancel it within the last three (3) months of the previous year’s subscription.

The costs for a Competition plan are € 85.

The price for a 4 week plan on demand is € 29.90 and is payable only via Paypal. After payment, the plan can be downloaded immediately.

Only credit cards (VISA, Mastercard). Payments for "Plan on demand" are only possible via PayPal!

Herewith you state that you are in good general physical health. Triathlontrainer Ltd. assumes no responsibility for any health complications or damages incurred with the use of our training plans. The customer accepts the responsibility to visit a doctor of his/her choosing to certify his/her fitness level is appropriate for the selected training plan. The customer also assumes the responsibility to stop training if any health issues occur or he/she has concerns there may be some health complication.

Triathlontrainer ltd is released from any legal action stemming from the use of its products. This includes, but is not limited to loss of income, collateral damages, and subsequent damges.

If one item of these conditions becomes invalid, that bears no affect on the validity of the other conditions.

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