Triathlon training plans

Fitness plans

What about if you just want to be more active and increase your level of fitness? Through this set of training plans you will have the guidelines you need and motivation you desire to get out there and do it. This set of plans is an ideal combination of endurance sport as well as core strengthening, and coordination for those new to fitness or have just been away for a while. Jogging, bike riding, and swimming are some of the healthiest sports for you, and perhaps this program may even inspire you to try a tri, but it’s not a must!

Nutrition is also an important element in this program. A tasty dietary tip is included in every week’s instructions in order to help balance the relationship between the intake and expenditure of calories. This content is important and meaningful, and instead of repeating itself over and over, it builds on previous lessons to provide maximum effect.

Yeah, we know, wellness has become cliché, but the fundamentals behind it are still as vital as ever. Therefore we include advice on what you can do for overall health as it relates to movement and eating. This affects your psyche, as well as physical health and personal appearance. You still may have reservations or questions about what a plan like this could actually look like in your life... try it for four (4) weeks free.


Annual training plan preparation for triathlon season: You will receive a year’s worth of plans that train you for your next event as well as builds up core strength and performance for next year as well. Our training year starts in November and reaches its peak with the triathlon season in summer, and naturally you can join in at any time of the year. Through our strategy and prioritized workouts, you’ll be in top-form automatically when the tri-season is in full swing.

For athletes who train rather irregularly or do not want to conclude longer contracts, we have the option "Plan on demand". You register normal with your data and download a 4-week plan if necessary. You pay these before downloading via PayPal. So you stay flexible at all times.


You have a choice of how many training units you want to accomplish per week. This way your training fits with your schedule and you’re more likely to complete each one and be more successful.

More features

Plan as a PDF download
Not only can you access your plan online, you can also download it every four (4) weeks as a PDF for viewing and printing.

Plan on the Smartphone
In addition to the 4-week plan as a PDF, you can view your plan daily from your smartphone. So you have him at hand with every training session.

Personal consulting
You can get in touch with the coach to discuss your individual questions and problems.

No risk, four (4) week trial
By subscribing for the first month, you incur no costs and thus incur no financial risk. If you do not cancel within the first four weeks, then a second training plan will be sent to you and you will receive 13 such plans for the year at 20,77 Euro. ($ 270 Euro per year)

If you do not cancel your subscription before the initial four (4) week trial period, the another four (4) week plan will be sent to you. The year plan costs 270 Euro.