Triathlon training plans

Training plans for Half-ironman (70.3)

This triathlon consists of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run. Even though it’s "only" a half, it places very high physical and mental demands on athletes. To finish or even win requires systematic training and strategic distances. Our plans deliver this expertise.

The training plans for this distance naturally correspond to the 1.2-56-13.1 distances, but also provide a solid base for those athletes wishing to attempt a full length ironman competition at some point. They also work well for those who are training for shorter races and prefer longer and less speed-based training sessions.


Annual training plan preparation for triathlon season: You will receive a year’s worth of plans that train you for your next event as well as builds up core strength and performance for next year as well. Our training year starts in November and reaches its peak with the triathlon season in summer, and naturally you can join in at any time of the year. Through our strategy and prioritized workouts, you’ll be in top-form automatically when the tri-season is in full swing.

12-week prep plan for a single event: This plan is for those who have one event in mind and want to focus solely on that over three months. It differs from the year plan in that there is more devoted to the specifics of the event and doesn’t include the build up for future events like the entire year’s plan. This plan is especially fitting for those who’ve decided recently to do a race and have 12 weeks to get ready. Naturally we recommend our year-round program for those who have the time for a more comprehensive approach.

For athletes who train rather irregularly or do not want to conclude longer contracts, we have the option "Plan on demand". You register normal with your data and download a 4-week plan if necessary. You pay these before downloading via PayPal. So you stay flexible at all times.


You have a choice of how many training units you want to accomplish per week. This way your training fits with your schedule and you’re more likely to complete each one and be more successful.

The range and intensity of your workouts are determined by the type of base matched with the goals you’ve set. We measure the intensity of swimming and running with your pulse and the time needed to meet the plan. Biking intensity is solely measured with your pulse. We base times and values based on the best times you provide for a 10k run (or similar) and a 400 m swim (or longer), as well as what your maximum pulse is. The plan we provide for you is always optimal; it’s what you should be able to do when healthy and able to push the envelope. There may be days/times when you need to dial it back a bit due to illness or injury.

You have the option to set a target date for an event where you wish to perform your year’s best. Your plan will be adjusted to the specs of the race as well as intensity build-up and tapering so you’re at your peak when the day of the event arrives.

In addition to the annual competition highlight, you can specify your competition planning for your other competitions. We will then consider these competitions with the appropriate tapering and subsequent regeneration.

Our training plans are:

  • periodized for May-September
  • Wettkampfstrecken orientiert
  • Time and pulse controlled
  • customizable in range
  • customizable in intensity
  • Online available as PDF
  • Online available on Smartphone

The plans included:

  • Swimming training including technical and combination exercises
  • Cycling training
  • Running training
  • Coupling units
  • Athletics and strength training
  • Technique videos in the members area
  • Email and phone service

More features

Detailed swimming instruction on video
The training plan for swimming always includes a technique set. These sets are explained in detail on the member’s-only section of the website. Links to the member’s-only section are found on your plan.

Strength and core-fitness workouts
Even though a triathlon consists of three disciplines, it’s crucial not to neglect strength and core-fitness in your training. These workouts provide solid base to handle the orthopedic demands of the training and will improve quality and speed of each discipline. You will also find detailed explanations of these workouts in the member’s-only section of the website. They are included in each training plan.

Continually customizable
Our plans are available to you 24-7 to adjust as your body and goals change. Simply enter new best times or even new goals, and we’ll provide you with the new plan to continue challenging yourself. This way you can also adjust for varying training intensity before a certain event or competition.

Plan as a PDF download
Not only can you access your plan online, you can also download it every four (4) weeks as a PDF for viewing and printing.

Plan on the Smartphone
In addition to the 4-week plan as a PDF, you can view your plan daily from your smartphone. So you have him at hand with every training session.

Personal consulting
You can get in touch with the coach to discuss your individual questions and problems.

No risk, four (4) week trial
By subscribing for the first month, you incur no costs and thus incur no financial risk. If you do not cancel within the first four weeks, then a second training plan will be sent to you and you will receive 13 such plans for the year at 20,77 Euro. ($ 270 Euro per year)

If you do not cancel your subscription before the initial four (4) week trial period, the another four (4) week plan will be sent to you. The year plan costs 270 Euro, the 12 week competition prep plan costs 85 Euro and the plan on demand 29,90 Euro per 4-week-plan.