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You must be in good general health, so please go to a doctor and get a professional opinion if you’re able to complete your desired training plan. We make plans for beginners and professionals alike, so you must be able to tell us as much about you as accurately as you can so we can find just the right plan for you. We’ll provide the expertise and strategy, and you have to bring the will, motivation, and enjoyment to the table!

When your plan is ready to download, we’ll notify you via e-mail that your plan is waiting for you to download in the member’s-only section of our website. Here you’ll find the last plan, the current one, as well as the plan for the following weeks. In addition you’ll find technique and training videos for swimming and running as well as various exercises for core-strength and fitness and various photos and tips in this area of the website. You can check on your plan on this website at anytime, or download it onto your computer and/or print it out. If you desire, we can also send you one in the mail.

If you become ill, please let us know on the member’s-only section of the website. After you’ve recovered, we’ll send you another plan that will allow you to build up and get back on track.

When the affects of the training start to increase your performance, you should time yourself and update your profile in the member’s-only section of the website. Once you do this, we’ll update the next plan with those data.

After you register you will receive a four (4) week plan free of charge. If you cancel within 28 days, you incur no costs. If we receive no cancelation, you will automatically receive your next four (4) week training plan as an internet download. A one-year subscription costs $ 359. Payment options are only credit cards (VISA, Mastercard).

You can always reach us via e-mail or telephone.

For questions relating to triathlons, training, and season planning:
contact Sebastian Hauer: (Tel. 0179-5330317)

For questions relating to finances, registration, membership and the website:
contact Jens Peters (Tel. 0177-7648039)

It depends on your level of fitness and lengths of the races. The fitter you are and shorter the races, the more you can do at a competitive level. It’s wise to set one race as your personal goal for the year where you are at your peak performance level. In the member’s-only section of the website you can enter the race where you have set this annual goal and we’ll provide you specialized training plans to optimal shape for this race. These plans will be adjusted to day “x” of your race and will also include plans for recovery after the race. You will be prepared before and after the race for other events and can make adjustments for short-term training plans.

You are guaranteed in the knowledge that many athletes have reached their goals with Triathlontrainer plans and you can too!

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